Simmering Granules Scent Notes

Angel Wings

A heavenly, perfumed scent with real depth. Top notes of Bergamot & Mandarin, mellow notes of Cumin, Berries, Nutmeg and Caramel and dry down notes of Patchouli and White Musk.


Refresh and purify your home with Lemongrass, known for its cool citrus scent and deodorising properties. It is combined with Cinnamon to neutralise the odour of tobacco.

Baby Powder

Evoking the familiar and well-loved scent of baby powder, this is a clean, soothingscent enticing withlight florals whilst maturing with sprigs of warm, sunbathed Jasmine. Creamy Vanilla & Cedarwood add depth and comfort.

Bakewell Tart

A sweet and delicious blend of almond, cherry and vanilla, this fragrance will make your mouth water.

Black Forest Gateau

An intense and rich fragrance combining the luxurious scent of melted chocolate and fruitiness of ripened black cherries.

Black Orchid

A luxurious, perfumed, glamorous, oriental scent. A blend of rich Patchouli set against Parisian Vanilla, subtle Jasmine, Bergamot & Muguet blooms with undertones of Orange & Lemon Zest combined with Vanilla.

Blueberry Cheesecake

The sharp, sweet fragrance of blueberries blended with the smooth creaminess of vanilla creates a delicious scent.


The sweet, full and fruity scent of cherry is a fragrance which evokes those warm, sunny summer days.


Historically regarded as a gift fit for monarchs and even deities, Cinnamon has an aromatic, spicy and luxurious fragrance.

Cinnamon & Apple

The spice of Cinnamon combined with the fresh, sweet, juiciness of Red Apples speaks for itself, a sweet and warming fragrance.

Cinnamon & Orange

A classic, winter fragrance combining top notes of sweet, citrussy fresh Orange, middle notes of Orange Blossom & spicy Cinnamon Leaves, dry down notes of Cloves.

Cocomango & Papaya

This scent combines fruits all grown in exotic warm climates. The mix of Coconut, Mango and Papaya has become one of our best selling fruity fragrances. A tropical blend of Iced Orange, Mango, Papaya and Strawberry made more sumptuous with a base of Sweet Coconut and Vanilla Bean.


A sweet, elegant, delicate fragrance which releases warmer notes as it develops, this is a relaxing yet luxurious scent.

Devon Violet

A scent evoking the nostalgic, vintage English flower with top notes of Violet leaves, middle notes of Violet, Powdery Honeysuckle & Heliotrope, dry down notes of Vanilla & Sandalwood.

Dream of Angels

A rich, sweet, luscious fragrance, bursting with the fresh fruitiness of Strawberry, Apple, Peach & Orange, this scent has flecks of Vanilla, White Blossoms and deep tones of precious wood.


Ebony is a musky oriental scent.

Electric Blue

Sweet and edgy with undertones of Ylang Ylang and Musk this is a heady scent guaranteed to light up any room.

Enchanted Forest

A potent, woody, earthy yet sweet fragrance evoking the enchantment of a woodland glen and fresh outdoors, with top notes of Eucalyptus & Rosemary, middle notes of Pine and dry down notes of Chamomile.

English Rain

A cool, fresh and lightly perfumed scent, combining Lavender with hints of Jasmine, Geranium & Orange, this fragrance is reminiscent of the fresh atmosphere after rain, so familiar in England.

Fairy Dust

A sweetly enticing, perfumed feminine fragrance with top notes of Bergamot, Pear, Melon & Peach, middle notes of Freesia, Violet, Geranium & Heliotrope and dry down notes of Sandalwood & Musk.


An aromatic resin extracted from the bark of the Boswellia tree, this natural, deep, spicy fragrance with top notes of Orange, middle notes of Frankincense and dry down notes of Cedarwood has a warm, woody scent.


A beautiful floral fragrance reminiscent of English summer gardens and wedding bouquets this flower is originally a native of South Africa with heady notes Jasmine, Freesia and Rose and a subtle base of earthy moss.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is a sweet, luxurious scent embodying femininity, peace and harmony. Fresh, floral and powdery with top notes of Ivy, Anise Seed, middle notes of Violet, Amarise, Licorice, Amarena, base notes of Vetiver, Tonka, Vanilla, Musk.

Hawaiian Paradise

Evoking the scent of a tropical paradise, this fragrance is a deliciously heady cocktail. Top notes of Grapefruit & Apple, middle notes of Coconut, Peach, Almond & Chamomile, base notes of Vanilla.

Healing Spirit

A fresh, aromatic, spicy scent with a perfumed intensity calculated to positively uplift and balance the mind, body and spirit.

Hidden Garden

Hidden Garden is a deep, mysterious scent combining velvety, creamy Tuberose ignited with blossoms of Cyclamen, Lily and dainty Jasmine on a bed of musky White Woods.

Japanese Magnolia

This exotic scent derives from the Magnolia which flowers in spring in the forests of Japan. A creamy, sweet floral with light citrus flecks, middle notes of Ylang Ylang and a light spicy base of Clove.


Jasmine is renowned for its intense, sensual, romantic perfume. Different varieties flower and fill the air with scent most of the year round. The blossoms pictured on our label are yellow winter flowering Jasmine which appears bright and sunny during the cold winter months. Top notes of Orange Blossom, middle notes of Jasmine & Tuberose and Base notes of Benzoin.


This world-renowned scent needs little introduction. Its unmistakable fragrance has long been associated with relaxation and calmness and it is believed to aid sleep. It is frequently found in traditional cottage-industry products such as drawer liners, scented sachets and coat hangers and flowering beautifully in garden borders or on hillsides of southern France.

Lemon and Lime

A zesty, tangy combination of two refreshing citrus fruits, this scent is intensely positive and uplifting.

Linen Fresh

A light, airy yet complex fragrance with powdery, floral tones. Top notes of Aldehydes, Citrus & Peach, middle notes of Rose, Jasmine, Lilac, Orris, Lily of the Valley & Ylang Ylang, and base notes of Cedarwood, Honey, Amber, Civet, Sandalwood & Tonka Bean.

Mulled Wine

A sweet, evocative scent of warm wine and spices perfect to create a cosy ambience in cold winter months. Top notes of Blackcurrant & Apple, middle notes of Grape, Dewberries & Cloves and dry down notes of Vanilla & White Musk.

Nag Champa

A sweet, woody combination of Sandalwood and Champak, which is an Asian evergreen from the magnolia family. Nag Champa is of Indian origin used to stimulate spirituality and meditation. It is soothing, warming and calming.

Night Scented Stock

This delicate flower is grown primarily for its delicate summer scent which blooms throughout the evening and into the night. A floral bouquet with notes of Sweet Pea, Freesia, Muguet and Jasmine.


A rich, sultry, exotic perfume with top notes of Mandarin Orange, Bergamot & Lily of the Valley, middle notes of Jasmine, Carnation & Myrrh and dry down notes of Vanilla, Patchouli, Opoponax & Amber.


This ancient scent is native to tropical Asia. A rich, earthy, woody fragrance strongly associated with the sixties hippy scene when it was widely used as a perfume. Top notes of Cinnamon Leaves, middle notes of Cloves & Patchouli and base notes of White Musk Cedarwood & Vanilla.

Pink Rose

Sophisticated and elegant, this delicate floral fragrance is the essence of an English summer garden in bloom.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie is a spicy sweet scent with notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves and apple.


Sophisticated, deep and woody, this scent has strong associations with exotic, Eastern incense. It reputedly promotes positive feelings and is an aphrodisiac. Top notes of Leather & Cloves, middle notes of Sandalwood & Birch and base notes of White Musk, Patchouli.

Strawberries & Cream

A luscious, rich, fruity fragrance combining the irresistible scent of English strawberries with a sweet, creamy vanilla base.

Sugar Plum Fairy

This scent reflects the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, magical, sugary and sweet. Delicate Peach & White candied musk lighten a blend fortified with Sweet Vanilla and Coconut.

Sweet Dreams

This scent casts the spell of dreams with its deep, amber, gourmand fragrance. Top notes of Bitter Orange & Cinnamon, middle notes of Immortal flower & Vanilla and dry down notes of Precious woods & Musk.

Sweet Pea

Floral and feminine, this light, delicate fragrance brings the essence of an English summer into your home.


Indigenous to Asia, the Tigerlily bloom has a powerful, sweet scent, exotic yet fresh.


Smooth and luxurious, the sweet classic scent of Vanilla is creamy and irresistible, a timeless classic. Top notes of Coconut, middle notes of Vanilla and dry down notes of Musk.

Very Berry

A rich symphony of juicy berry aromas reminiscent of a British fruit garden. Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry and Redcurrant combine to create a mouth-wateringly fruity scent. Top notes of Raspberry, middle notes of Strawberry, Blueberry & Plum and dry down notes of Vanilla.

White Musk

A popular refreshing fragrance which combines the crispness of a delicate and sensual perfume with a subtle Musk which is light and underscores the crispness of the fragrance. Top notes: Coriander; Middle notes: Vanilla; Dry down notes: White Musk.

Wish Upon A Star

A balmy, amber, sweet and perfumed fragrance with top notes of Fresh Orange & Lemon, middle notes of Jasmine & Rose and dry down notes of Vanilla & Patchouli, this dreamy, uplifting scent will inspire you to wish upon a star.

Ylang Ylang

Derived from the star-shaped flowers of the Cananga Tree, this is a rich, deeply aromatic and sensual fragrance. Top notes of Rose & Geranium, middle notes of Ylang Ylang & Jasmine and dry down notes of Vanilla.