Simmering Granules

Simmering Granules - How to Use Them

Simmering Granules are a popular alternative to using perfumed oils and wax melts for room scents. There are many reasons for this, mainly value for money and how little effort it takes to dispose of the when used.

How to use them:

Depending on how big your oil burner dictates how many granules you need. Most oil burners need only two teaspoons of granules in the top where the oil would normally go.

Light a tea-light candle and place under the bowl and let the granules do their job (just switch it on if you are using an electric burner). The amazing thing about the granules is that they do not melt, they merely give off the scent.

When the scent has expired the granules can just be scooped or brushed into the bin and then you can replenish for the next round of scent-like goodness.

All we ask is that you are careful with the candles, you can burn your fingers (I speak from personal experience!) and to make sure that when you leave the room it is extinguished.

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