Herbert is under House Arrest

A Word from Herbert

"Great! They've put me under House Arrest"

My third blog (December 2020)

I've already introduced myself, so I'm going to save time and not do that this time. To read my last blog please click here.

I was hoping to blog with good tidings and all that but I'm flipping livid!  Myself and the portly red tabby have been put under house arrest.  This is devastating news when you are so adored and adorable as I.  How did it happen? Allow me to tell you, sit back and I shall tell you my lament.

The portly red tabby has seemingly been taking part in a Fight Club on a Friday night, I knew nothing about it because no-one ever talks about it.  Sure as poop is as close to swearing, he comes back through the door with more wounds from his skirmish with the silver tabby that is hard as nails, I'm talking Vinnie Jones hard!

The house staff had to take him to see the cat doctor who suggested that we should now become indoor cats.  I can tell you, if he wasn't looking so funny with his shaved chest, I'd have decked him myself for this turn of events.

The house staff have now closed our door and we are now having to entertain ourselves by sleeping for longer.  It's a tough job but someone has to do it.

Also, ridiculous gaudy things have appeared in the house.  a tree shaped thing adorns the corner of the room covered in lights, the staircase has a similar thing.  Portly red tabby has batted a couple of the dangling things from the tree and chased them round but I'm above that, being a far more intellegent creature than he is.

In other news, I was surfing the web the other day (yes, my paws work on touch-screens.  Check your history if you have pets, we all do it when you're not around).  Whilst looking at the feline social media pages, I noticed a blog done by one of my house staff 7 years ago.  I know this is a bit Inception like, with a blog within a blog but if you have time, check it out by clicking here.

Other Stuff

The house staff have asked me to convey their thanks for your support this year.  They would like me to wish you a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.  

Whatever you are doing, please stay safe.  I have been told that next year is going to be a different beast (in a good way).  Fingers crossed.  Stay positive and be kind to everyone, I know that everyone has struggled in one way or another this year and I hope that I may have bought a little smile to your face during these trying times.  I also hope my contract will be renewed next year so I can continue bringing you my very important news as it happens.


Pedigree Siamese and the most important and beautiful creature to walk the planet.